Carol Shuster Swartz, Artist

specializing in portraits of horses and dogs




Portrait of Giant Schnauzer, courtesy Robin Greenslade

Created in pastels on suedeboard, capturing this magnificent animal was a challenge!

The finished portrait (matted) size is 16 x 20"

Portrait of Supreme Heir, American Saddlebred, courtesy Mary Hall

This oil painting on canvas commemorates a great example of the beautiful American Saddlebred horse. Mary Hall will forever have his image on her wall to recall her great horse.

Portrait (canvas) size is 24 x 36".


Portrait of 3 Tennesee Walking Horses, courtesy Sharon Corr

Working from client-supplied photographs, this oil painting on canvas captures Sharon's 3 horses

Portrait (canvas) size is 18 x 24"

Wilbe, Paige's Palomino, coutesy Paige Flaherty

Interesting perspective of a contemporary trail horse. Even though the rider's face is not visible, anyone that knows Paige, recongizes her  as well as her horse!

Pastels on Suedeboard, finished (matted) size 11 x 14"